22 April 2018

April, The Month of all Possibilities

It used to be the month of May, but with the climate warming we are experiencing, April seem to become the new May.

It is a month when winter and summer meet, when the forests turn green and the winter is looking for refuge higher and higher on the peaks. April weather can have many surprises, from late snow to sunny and warm days like in summer. The sun gets high in the sky and the daylight is long and generous.

Last year we had a late snowfall so I could ski down to the city for a couple of days before the strong springtime sun melted it quickly. This year the weather is unusually warm and very dry and the sunshine makes it hard to resist indoors...

Here are some photos I took this month while enjoying various outdoor activities around Brasov. This is why I love Brasov. There is so much variety!

Trail running towards Postăvarul Peak

Last ski day of the season on Postăvarul Mountain

Morning mountain run. With snow-crampons on the frozen snow on Piatra Mare Mountain.

Road cycling at the foot of Piatra Craiului Mountain

Cycling by the lakes at Dumbrăvița.

Cycling: Crossing Olt river close to Brasov. I guess it looks good or rafting...

Trail running... Watch out! The brown bears are hungry, out of hibernation

Ski Mountaineering. Going up the steep Alba Valley in Bucegi Mountains 

Ski Mountaineering. Descending on Priponului Valley, Bucegi Mountains 

Admiring the fresh green on Tampa mountain near Brasov.

Hiking through the forest

17 March 2018


Well, although more snow is announced for the next days, the winter season is practically over in the city and the snow line is gradually going up in altitude as the springtime progresses.

It was a good winter with abundant snow. There were warm spells of weather that melted all the snow in the city, but on the mountains, above 1400m the snow accumulated the whole winter and will surely last well into the month of May.

It was a good season for my outdoor activities. I did running, skiing, off-piste skiing, powder snow skiing, ski touring and sometimes just hiking in the snow.

So it is time to look back to a few photos I took this winter season around Brasov. Some are taken with a proper camera, others with the mobile phone.